Kara DioGuardi and Randy Jackson, American Idol

Nearly 60 percent of TVGuide.com voters want American Idol to dump Kara DioGuardi from the judges' table.

Though the newcomer has brought some credible music industry insight to the panel, 59 percent of TVGuide.com voters would rather the show not renew DioGuardi's one-season contract, arguing that four judges are too many.

Among all the changes made to Idol this season, the one that has been the most hotly debated is DioGuardi's addition. Earlier this season, the judges' commentary forced Idol to run eight minutes long, interrupting Fringe and upsetting millions of DVR viewers. A week later, each contestant was only critiqued by two judges instead of the entire panel.

Six percent of voters believe a fourth judge isn't a bad idea, but they would prefer someone other than DioGuardi next season. DioGuardi has fans as well. Thirty-five percent of voters suggest that the new judge has added value to the show.

In an earlier poll, 89 percent of voters said they would rather see Paula Abdul leave the show when given a choice between the singer/dancer and Simon Cowell. Abdul's Idol deal expires at the end of this season, while Simon said he intends to leave Idol at the end of his current contract in 2010.

Meanwhile, TVGuide.com voters are already predicting which crooners they expect to see in the show's finale (May 19 and 20 at 8 pm/ET). Not surprisingly, 39 percent of voters expect the Adam Lambert-Danny Gokey finale that the judges have been force-feeding viewers since Day 1. Still, dark horse Kris Allen is picking up steam, as 28 percent of voters expect to see him facing off against glam-rocker Lambert in the finals.

Allison Iraheta, however, has her work cut out for her. In a season where the men have dominated, only 9 percent of voters believe Allison will make the finals.