Jessica Langseth, Alexis Grace

Maybe it's us, but there just seems to be something off about this season's American Idol finalists. With only one girl remaining in the Top 5, the finale promises to be a total sausage party, there's no Cook vs. Archie excitement, and the introduction of a fourth judge and the "judges' save" hasn't really changed anything, except the degree to which the results seem manipulated by the producers. Most importantly, though, we just haven't connected with the Idols.

Thinking back to the Top 36, we remember some real powerhouses and "package artists" that we wish were still in the running. Here are our picks for the five Idol contestants that we would bring back:

5. Ju'Not Joyner: Ju'Not may not have had the most suave style or an effusive personality, but we loved his bluesy spin on "Hey There Delilah," during the Top 36 elimination rounds. His fate was sealed, though, when he revealed on air that he'd been given a Cortisone shot that day to help his voice.

4. Mishavonna Henson:
This was Mishavonna's second shot at Idol fame; she made it to Hollywood Week once before. But her song choice (damn you, all-important song choice!) seemed to be this young thang's downfall. She clearly has range, strength and beautiful tones in her voice, but "Drops of Jupiter" wasn't the song to showcase her talent.

3. Kristen McNamara: So Kristen needed a fashion intervention — big deal! So did Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Clay Aiken! We feel that the judges fixated on her lousy style instead of her fantastic set of pipes. Kristen easily could have been one of this season's women to watch if she had been given a fair chance. Check out her sing-off with Jenn Corby — and Simon's particularly pervy bent.

2. Jesse Langseth: Poor Jesse. Simon made it clear he was not a fan of her funky Joss Stone vibe during the Wild Card show. But we wish that Jesse had lent her indie style to the Top 12 — then the world would have been spared many an awful, hip-shaking performance by Megan Joy. Watch this video and you'll see what we mean:

1. Alexis Grace: We still can't believe she's gone, and worse, that she's not going on tour! It was ridiculous that she went home before the likes of Megan Joy, Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds, all of whom have had far worse performances than Alexis. We want more Alexis! She didn't have a chance to build a much of a fan base, but something tells us she could be one of those Jennifer Hudson-like, post-Idol success stories.

*Honorable mention: Danny Gokey's BFF Jamar Rogers, who got shafted in the last round of Hollywood Week. We yelled and threw things at the TV screen. "But...but...he has style! And charisma! And skills! He doesn't thrust his hips in an icky way like Danny does!" Alas, our efforts to get him into the Top 36 — say, instead of Norman-freakin'-Gentle — went ignored. Sigh.

Who would you choose to come back to Idol this season?