Megan Joy, Kimberly Caldwell

Throughout American Idol's final weeks, as each sing-off signs off, will be checking in with TV Guide Network hosts/Idol alums Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini for their particularly qualified take on who soared, who stumbled, and which judge's review most rang true.

This week, Caldwell shares her thoughts on whose star went up and whose went down as they sang Motown. Plus: Did Simon cross a line this week? Who were you most excited for going into Motown night? And who were you most excited for by the end?
Caldwell: I was the most excited for Lil Rounds, obviously. This was really set up to be her week. But I came away most impressed by Adam Lambert. I was very surprised by his sleek look and polished performance. If Adam had walked by you on the street last night, would you have recognized him? Because I would not have.
Caldwell: I definitely would have taken a second look because he looked so stunningly handsome. I really like that he is such a chameleon and so versatile. Having been christened a "star," what should Adam now be cautious of?
Caldwell: Being such a front-runner from the beginning can sometimes hurt you in this competition, but I think that in Adam's case, he has really given us something new and fresh every week. So I say the best thing Adam can do is not be cautious. The judges called Megan Joy an "atrocious," "mad-crazy" "train wreck" who is now "in trouble." Do you concur that she in fact struggled the most out of the Top 10?
Caldwell: I think Megan has a lot of raw talent and that she just had an off week. With a little tweaking and polishing, she could be back in the game. What potential do you see in Megan?
Caldwell: She's very fresh and modern and has that whole Duffy/Amy Winehouse energy. It's worked out for them, so, "Go Megan!" What would be your best advice to Anoop moving forward, assuming he may have hit a ceiling?
Caldwell: When we first saw Anoop, he was on fire. So I really think he just needs to get that spark back in his eye. And when he's on that stage, he needs to soak up the moment and realize this is his time to shine. Michael Sarver was told by Simon that he has "no chance of winning." What does a singer do with that moving forward?
Caldwell: Even though everybody comes to win Idol, it's been proven over and over again that if you represent yourself as the artist you want to be while you're on the show and really take advantage of all the opportunities afterward, winning is not a necessity. But I think Michael is really relatable and likable; he definitely still has a shot. Take a moment here to rave freely about the 17-year-old powerhouse that is Allison Iraheta.
Caldwell: She is flawless. What a superstar! Every performer should aspire to have her comfort level and star power on stage. She is a true pro. Lastly, do you suspect Simon had hell to pay, after the cameras stopped rolling, having doodled with marker on Paula's lip?
Caldwell: I think we all get a kick out of the banter between Simon and Paula every show, however this really took it over the top. But I'm sure in that studio, Simon can do no wrong. Chalk it up to good TV!

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