Adam Lambert

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert is ready for next week's issue of Rolling Stone to come out — perhaps so that he might do the same.

"At this point, I think everybody knows everything. But once the Rolling Stone article comes out, people will know everything," Lambert told E! News.

Frankly, nothing could make the singer happier. "I want people to know what's up," he said. And unlike the unsolicited opinions of bloggers and gossipy fans, the Rolling Stone cover story will feature "words coming out of my mouth!"

Since Idol wrapped its eighth season, Lambert has winked with the best of them at talk that he might be gay.

Speaking with last month, he called the topic the "pink elephant" in the room. He has joked about addressing the "Queen rumors — all of them." And in recent days he has been photographed holding hands in public with friend Drake LaBry.

Idol champ Kris Allen, for one, calls the Lambert-LaBry a "cool combination."

"Drake's from Louisiana and Adam is from L.A.," he explained to "But they click well and they're really nice together."