Danny Gokey

Will Danny Gokey go from American Idol to Dancing with the Stars?

That has been the talk ever since the third-place finisher was asked about using the ABC reality competition to improve upon his footwork, which was at times dissed by Simon Cowell.

"This thing has blown up," Gokey says of the Dancing rumblings. That said, "I would do it," he shares in his TVGuide.com video Q&A, "and I would be happy to do it."

In this on-camera sit-down, the 28-year-old from Milwaukee also talks about:

* The song he would have liked to sing on Idol
* Why his duet with Kris came off as awkward. "Kris was like, 'What is the point of this whole thing?'" Gokey shares. "We just weren't feeling it."
* His ideal timetable for his first album.

In closing, Gokey opens up about how the Idol experience allowed in some light on a life that had been darkened by the too-soon loss of his wife Sophia.

"I found hope in music," he says, "and now I want to bring hope to other people."

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