Simon Cowell

The producers of American Idol won't have to search long and hard to find Simon Cowell's replacement: Stars are already clamoring for the chance to sit in the not-yet-vacated seat, says Idol creator Simon Fuller.

Simon Cowell leaving Idol, launching X-Factor

"A day doesn't pass that I don't get a call from an agent of a superstar saying, 'Can we talk?'" Fuller tells The Associated Press. "Everyone's interested, and that's going to go on month after month."

But the British mogul, who did not name any names, says he is in no hurry to fill the spot since Cowell won't leave until next season. His focus is the current ninth season, which features the debut of Paula Abul's replacement, Ellen DeGeneres. Fuller, in Los Angeles to watch the taping of the Hollywood round this week, calls the talk-show host "dynamic" and says that her relationship with Cowell will "blow people away."

Who should replace Simon on American Idol?

"It's a testament to [Idol] that we attracted someone as brilliant as Ellen," he said. "When we have to do something about Simon, I'll be in the luxury position of looking at all the greatest stars of the world. We can do so much with it."