Ruben Studdard, Elliott Yamin, Fantasia Barrino

It's America Idol's big finale week, but before the audience chooses between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, find out what past winners and finalists have been up to since living in the Idol bubble.

Chikezie (Season 7 finalist), David Hernandez (Season 7 finalist), Danny Noriega (Season 7 semi-finalist) and Josiah Leming (Season 7 homeless singer axed before Top 24)

Bucky Covington (Season 5 finalist), Phil Stacey (Season 6 finalist), Fantasia Barrino (Season 3 winner) and Ruben Studdard (Season 2 winner)

LaKisha Jones (Season 6 finalist) and Kelly Clarkson (Season 1 winner)

Syesha Mercado (Season 7 finalist), Jennifer Hudson (Season 3 finalist) and Melinda Doolittle (Season 6 finalist)

Carrie Underwood (Season 4 winner), Kristy Lee Cook (Season 7 finalist ) and Kellie Pickler (Season 5 finalist)

David Cook (Season 7 winner) and Brooke White (Season 7 finalist)

David Archuleta (Season 7 runner-up) and Ramiele Malubay (Season 7 finalist)

Jason Castro (Season 7 finalist), Elliott Yamin (Season 5 finalist) and Taylor Hicks (Season 5 winner)

Michael Johns (Season 7 finalist), Carly Smithson (Season 7 finalist) and Amanda Overmyer (Season 7 finalist)

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