Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert

Clay Aiken is apologizing for critical comments he made about American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.

In an entry dated May 21 on his blog, Aiken said that Lambert is "contrived, awful, and slightly frightening," and that one of his performances made his "ears bleed."

The next day, Aiken — a former Idol runner-up himself — clarified his statements: "I hope no one actually believed that blood truly poured forth from my ears when I heard him," he wrote in a follow-up entry. "I obviously meant it as a colorful statement to imply that I did not enjoy what I heard. Any performer hopes that their music will appeal to all people, but no singer realistically expects it to. God knows, I am SURE there are PLENTY of people who can't stand to hear me sing either.

"The only person I would really dream of apologizing to is Adam," Aiken added. "And the irony is, if he's smart he couldn't give a crap what I think of his "Ring of Fire" performance. As an entertainer, Adam knows that one person's opinion of one performance really matters a little less than zero, in the grand scheme of things."

Lambert performed a revamped version of Johnny Cash's classic on American Idol in March.

After the lengthy blog entry, Aiken concluded: "I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn't give a damn! God knows he shouldn't."

What do you think of Aiken's comments? Did he owe Adam an apology?

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