Adam Lambert
As any American Idol enthusiast knows, Season 8 finalists Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were also roommates for much of the competition. So who in this Odd Couple, who was the Oscar and who was the Felix?

"I'm definitely the slob," Adam admits in Part 2 of his video Q&A. "I'm chaos." (Interestingly, Kris dubbed himself the "Oscar" when we asked him the same question.)

Also in the first clip below, Adam reveals something he envies about Kris, offers an update on his Broadway dreams, recalls the "San Diego Streaker Incident," and marvels at his ability to deliver Adamgasms.

Here in Part 3, Adam answers reader questions about his solo vs. band career plan, the songs he wishes he had performed on Idol, and why he could never grow a Freddie Mercury mustache. (Hint: It has to do with his natural hair color.)

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