Adam Lambert says his Idol run "wasn't about [winning] a title."

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert has gotten so many questions about his sexual orientation that he's started calling it the elephant in the room — and a "pink" one at that.

Interviewers "have been pretty straightforward, actually," about the gay question, Lambert reports with some amazement. But he's not being straightforward in response. His answer to the questions is ... a non-answer.

Lambert, however, was open to discussing many fun topics in Part 1 of his video Q&A, including:

• His makeup tip about guyliner: "Wear it!"
• The outrageous Idol wardrobe accessory that came from his own closet
• Jamming with KISS and Queen, and then receiving public props from both legendary groups
• Kris Allen benefitting from Danny Gokey's departure, and whether Lambert cares that Allen won Idol
• His least favorite performance

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