Adam Lambert

Before you download Adam Lambert's new single, "Want," on iTunes, there's something the American Idol runner-up would like you to know.

"Back in 2005, when I was a struggling artist, I was hired as a studio singer to lend my vocals to tracks written by someone else," Lambert said in a statement. "I was broke at the time and this was my chance to make a few bucks, so I jumped at the opportunity to record for my first time in a professional studio. The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on."

"Want" — which leaked on the Internet last week — will be packaged with other old tracks and released as an album this summer titled On with the Show. The 11 tracks were recorded during Lambert's three-year partnership with producer Malcolm Welsford and Wilshire Records, according to Rolling Stone. Lambert's statement also directly refutes the label's claim that many of the songs were co-written by Lambert and recorded "in 2007/2008, right before Lambert's meteoric rise to prominence."

Glambert fans, of course, can judge for themselves (listen to the track here), but Lambert is hoping many will hold off. "I'm thrilled to be working with some of today's hottest songwriters and producers and can't wait for people to hear what my music really sounds like," he said.

What do you think of "Want"?